About Project Green Steps

funny gorillaProject Green Steps launched in late January of 2015.  One part this website is a personal confessional so that I might gain a detailed awareness of how my negligent ways negatively impact the environment. The hope is that I will gain insight through these confessionals, adjust my lazy and selfish ways, and become a better human being through minor acts of everyday penance.

A second part of this website is where I share the actual knowledge that I share with my students in the classroom.  To discover more about this feature, visit the Environmental Science 101 link.

Please enjoy the amusing and insightful posts.  They are accessible on the right side of your screen if you are viewing from a computer or below the posts if you are viewing from a phone. Finally, I request that you post your own stories and thoughts on the Guest Forum.  It would make me feel much better about myself if I knew others were acting like idiots too.

Thank you!


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