What is sustainability?

by We have all heard and seen the word sustainable in relation to environmental concerns many times before, but what is sustainability really? Sustainability means that humans are able to endure, thrive, and regenerate without overburdening the living systems of the earth.  A sustainable society, therefore, is one that satisfies its needs without jeopardizing opportunities for future generations. To […]

Believe in Climate Change

by   If you live in a climate like I do, the winter months are brutal.  Mother Nature in these parts of Ohio is a cold, ruthless wench.  She slaps us around with her piles of snow and her cutting winds.  By the end of February, it is unbearable, and I am a cranky, miserable […]

My Selfish Approach to Organic Food

by Sure, I choose to buy organic foods. Sometimes. When I go to the grocery store, I am sure to pick up a half gallon of delicious organic milk. Organic milk tastes awesome and it lasts longer than its pasteurized counterpart. It is not even a comparison in my opinion. If I am being candid with myself, however, […]


by The temperature in Cleveland frequently reaches far below freezing.  When I let my fat little bulldog (pictured) out to do her business at 6:00 in the morning, or at 11:00 in the evening, it is too easy for me to just tap her on the rear, direct her to my snow-filled backyard, and watch […]

Forgive me, world!

by Forgive me, world, but while your valuable resources dangle on life support, I am carelessly stumbling over you like a gluttonous drunk from hell.  I am locked into a thoughtless lifestyle full of habits that I stubbornly refuse to change, or even recognize exist.  I am arrogantly pretending that someone else will make sacrifices that I […]

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